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The Vet Tech’s Cafe Podcast Discusses State Association Involvement

Are you a member of your state veterinary technician association, or VTA?  Or perhaps the State VMA if a VTA doesn’t exist?  Are you active and engaged in what the association is doing?  We can’t stress strongly enough the important work these Board and Committee members do, strictly on a volunteer basis, to make sure your profession is well represented in the legislative arena.  We recently sat down with Nicki Castagna, RVT, who is the President of the Maryland VTA to talk about the importance of these associations, and moreover, your membership.  The more members an association has, the larger contingent it represents, and the greater likelihood it can effect change.  We hope after you hear this episode, you’ll join your local VTA if you haven’t already!  And while you’re at it, join a committee and get involved-it’s incredibly rewarding work!

Click the link to listen: https://www.podbean.com/ew/pb-2dipt-109741e#.YR1TuYDxcs4.gmail

The Bridge Club Veterinary Community discusses New Advanced Degree Options for Veterinary Professionals

Click the link to view the sessions: https://www.thebridgeclub.com/so/b9NhK7cNa?languageTag=en&cid=110bd229-e51b-4c7f-9c8f-87ea91ae7752#/main